Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer Holidays!!

Hey all, well another school year has come to an end, and exams are just about wrapped up. This summer is going to be another busy one for me, because I plan on working aat my uncles buffalo ranch, and I also want to be at home, so that I can visit my friends and hang out. This is going to be my last free year, because next year I'm in grade 12, and I'll either need to go to college, or get myself a job. As I leave for the summer, most of you know that I have a lot of hair, well probably the day before I go, I'm getting it buzzed. I need a nice cool head for the summer of being outside. And I know that most of my friends won't like it at first, but come on guys, give me a break, you'll learn to like it. Anyways, I'm going to be busy working at my uncles, but I'm going to try and come back once or twice. I don't want to spend my whole summer without seeing my friends, that will suck, because I've done it for the last quite a few years. Anyways, I'm done for today, peace out...

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Hey, we're nearing the end of the school year, and here comes the dreaded final exams...Today I wrote my chemistry 40 exam, and it was quite a troublesome exam. There were quite a few questions that would've had you thinking for quite a while, and others that were significantly easy. I'm hoping that with all the studying I did...(like an hour and a half) that I will have passed, and that I got a decent mark. I think that I might have done fairly well though. I have another exam tomorrow, and it is for agriculture, and knowing that it is possible to get 100%, I'm thinking that I might study a little bit tonight. I have an extreme dilema, because I can exempt agriculture, or history, and I really want to exempt history, but I'm only presenting my project on Monday, and I do not want to write all the exams if I don't need to, but I will not know if I'm exemtping history until tuesday, which means that if i get lower than 85%, I will have to write history also...that will really suck, because that exam's going to be an extremely hard exam. Anyways, I'm out...peace

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Can't Hold It Any Longer!!

Hey all, so ya, going to our youth retreat, we left at 5pm on friday, and right before that, I went for supper at A&W, and I had quite a bit to drink, anyways, we left, and as soon as we got to about Ste. Anne, I needed to go to the bathroom, so I told our driver, and she said that I was goin to have to hold it until we got to camp Arnes, which was a 2 hour drive, and luckily, my cousin also had to go to the bathroom badly, so I made the driver make an emergency stop on the side of #1 highway, and we both ran into the ditch and went. So we got back into the van, and we kept on going on the way to camp Arnes, and when we were in the middle of the city, I needed to go again, but she wasn't going to stop, so I held it. When we got onto highway #8 toward Gimli, my cousin had to go again, and she wasn't going to stop again, so she told us to wait, and we weren't sure how much longer the ride was going to be, so we waited, and she kept bugging us about it, and trying t make us laugh so that we'd have to go even worst. When we turned down the driveway of camp Arnes, the speed limit on the driveway was extremely slow, and the road was in terrible condition, holes all over, and it was very uncomfortable in the van because we were jammed, and there was luggage all over the place. When we got to the main lodge, before the van was stopped, we were already getting out of the van, and before anyone else was out of the van, we were in the washroom. It was so good to be there and be releived. And for the rest of the weekend, the camp staff had heard about our triip to the camp, and they knew who I was, so they bugged me about it all weekend, and on sunday, before leaving, everyone ran to the bathroom like we did when we got there. We were not going to make the vehicles stop again on the way back.

When we arrived in Steinbach, instead of going to where all of our parents were waiting, only our vehicle stopped at Dairy Queen, and we got some ice cream, and when we got to the church, everyone was wondering where we were, and why it took us so long to get back, and then we told them we had stopped at DQ, and they were all very mad at us... anyways, that's all for now, peace out.

Youth Retreat

Hey all, we went on our annual youth retreat this past weekend, and it was amazing, we had an awesome time hanging out with friends. It was an awesome experience being able to have fun with friends all the while learning more and more about God, and how missions work doesn't necessarily have to be done in foreign countries. It is needed even in Canada. Our speaker was a great guy, and he really helped deliver a very powerful message, and I'm glad that he came to our event. We had a whole bunch of things to do on the weekend, we went horseback riding, and swimming, and wall climbing, and we also had some free time to do what we wanted, and we did so. On saturday, we went to the beach, and being lake Winnipeg, the water was cold, but still, the sun was nice, and we just had an awesome time realxing at the beach. Saturday night, we had a bonfire, and it was really a great time, near the end of the fire, I decided to go for a walk with our speaker, and we talked quite a bit, and we both realized how much alike we are. I have a very annoying little brother, and he also has a little annoying brother, and we talked about how tough it is to deal with all of our problems with our siblings. And after our talk, I got him to pray with me, because I wanted to rededicate my whole life to God, and he did, and I was so happy, and the weekend just got like 15 times better. After all the ordeal, we went to cabins for night, and our youth leader that was in the girls cabin told the girls a story about how the camp has had people break in the cabins at 11:45 at night, and right before the clock hit 11:45, the guys surrounded the girls cabin, and exactly at 11:45, us guys started pounding on the walls, and it was hillarious, because the girls started screaming like crazy. So ya, all in all, it was a great weekend. But ya, peace out.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

You've got to Love Technology...

Today was a weird day. I was at school doing nothing, and all of the sudden like 5 jobs were thrust upon me. There were quite a few technonlogical problems and I hate trying to figure those out. I had to find out how to make a movie play on a computer, but that was the easy part. After that, I needed to figure out how to set up this movie in our schools gym with sound, and that task still isn't quite acomplished, but it will be by the end of the day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mac OS X

Hey all, I've recently updated my computer that I do a whole bunch of video editing on, and I have run into problems with OS X compatability because when I got the computer, the only version of this operating system was 10.0.4 and I have just recently found out that it isn't compatible with almost any program I've been using. I work on the schools yearbook, and I have deadlines, but because of this computers compatability issues, I always seem to fall behind. It really gets annoying. I am in the process of trying to acquire one of the newer versions of this os, but it takes a while. This is putting me even more behind, and I'm really getting frustrated. Anyways, I'm out...

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Hey Hey! Today was a good day i guess, school, although it is school, wasn't all that bad. I did pretty good work, and seeing as it's Thursday, the best day of the week, it wasn't bad. Thursdays are always the easiest days of the week for me because i don't have pre-cal or chem more than once each. And ya, today in computer systems, we set up a projector and watched some stupid french movie, and the truth is, that's what class i'm in right now, and it's boring, so that's why i'm blogging. My teacher doesn't trust anything I tell him even though I'm the one who basically runs our schools computers and does all the work in our schools technology side. I think that because he's my teacher, I guess I have to listen to him, but when he's not around, I make so much fun of him because he has some pretty stupid ways and ideas to fixing stuff that is an easy fix. But ya, I'm getting hungry, so I'm gonna get out of class now. Have a good day, and a good rest of the week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cool Windows Themes

Hey all, I've recently acquired a pretty cool website where you can change your Windows theme and it makes you computer look somewhat cool. If at all anyone wants to check it out, you can go to The site is a little weird and sometimes hard to find stuff, but you'll get it. Anyways, if you guys want to, you can check out my site regularly, and i should have something new. My life gets kind of hectic sometimes, so if i don't have a new post, don't worry, it'll arrive soon. enjoy!